Grand Re-Opening

We’re Back!

Grand Re-Opening:


What happened to my account?

Unfortunately during the move, everything had to go. This unfortunately means everybody’s accounts and their respective information was completely wiped.

What about my points?

Not to worry! We made sure to keep a record of everybody’s points. Just send us a quick e-mail after you’ve created your account and we will have your points added back to your account promptly!

We have also made it so that you are able to use your points within 48 hours for the inconvenience that we have caused with the move, instead of the standard 5 days we used to have.

Do I need to verify my account again?

Nope! If you’ve registered with us previously, you do not need to verify with us again.


Feel free to contact us any time at:! We’re here to answer any questions you may have about our move.