Forever Phoenix: Phoenix Tears Caps (10mg x 10)

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Full spectrum cannabis oil

Ingredients: Pure Organic Cannabis plant extract and MCT Oil

Max THC: 109mg
Max CBD: 13.4mg

THC: 105.7mg
THCa: 0.41mg
THCv: 0.61mg
CBD: 9.03mg
CBDa: 0.12mg
CBN: 0.94mg
CBC: 0.54mg
CBG: 0.71

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Full spectrum cannabis oil

Dosage Guide: Pain Management and Inflammation Treatment
Start with one capsule (10mg) four times a day for a daily THC dose of 40mg for moderate (0-10 scale; 5) cases of pain, inflammation or to help increase appetite. Increase as needed for pain management and inflammation. Known for use in the treatment of glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and various forms of cancer. For severe cases of any of the noted ailments, use Forever Phoenix 100mg capsules at up to a dosage of 5 to 6 capsules per day, or consider using full strength Forever Phoenix edible oils available in 1g syringes.

Ingredients: Pure Organic Cannabis plant extract and MCT Oil.

Max THC: 11mg
Max CBD: 1.2mg

THC: 10.6mg
THCa: 0.03mg
THCv: 0.11mg
CBD: 1.05mg
CBDa: 0.08mg
CBN: 0.71mg
CBC: 0.04mg
CBG: 0.18


3 reviews for Forever Phoenix: Phoenix Tears Caps (10mg x 10)

  1. catsrule55 (verified owner)

    it might just be me but i took 2 pills and nothing happened, could just be my tolerance.

  2. aarin.ricketts (verified owner)

    Amazing for insomnia considering im already on medication for sleeping but for those nights that my meds dont work or i cannot sleep for the life of me i pop one of these babies and its lights out for me. Overall an amazing product

  3. Arlene Martin (verified owner)

    I love ❤️ this. Nana and I have COPD and asthma so smoke is becoming very difficult living in high pollution and humidity.

    I love these for the body sensations with our makeup we take our morning meds have a Yogurt and pop 2 caps. And we’re having a grand day ‘ish, etc. etc. Then 2 caps to end the day. Anyways g’day

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