London Donovan Vape Pen (10 Flavors)

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300ml Disposable Vape Pens from London Donovan.
“Designer” terpenes mixed at 5% by weight.

NOTE: No Vitamin E Acetate

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300ml Disposable Vape Pens from London Donovan.
“Designer” terpenes mixed at 5% by weight.

10 Flavors:
Jack Herer
Pink Kush
Sour Tangie
Grand Daddy Purple
Girl Scout Cookie
Cherry Pie
White Widow
Northern Lights
Sunset Sherbet

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Pink Kush, Sour Tangie, Grand Daddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookie, White Widow, Northern Lights, Cherry Pie, Sunset Sherbet, Zkittles, Jack Herer

5 reviews for London Donovan Vape Pen (10 Flavors)

  1. Bawer Ciyayi (verified owner)

    Really nice and danm is this thing a hard hitter spur tangie tastes amazingly wonderful

  2. paaauulc (verified owner)

    The best portable vape in the market imo. Don’t let the low heat fool you; you will def feel it! Girl Scout Cookie is my go-to

  3. santakush (verified owner)

    – The quantity at 300 mg is among the smallest volumes in this segment. The unit depletes quickly if taking large hits making it comparatively expensive.
    – Specific flavours sell out very fast and availability has been backlogged on those since their debut. e.g. Tangie and Cherry
    – A few flavours are much too strong or just outright bad from terpene or flavour additives like mint or pine. e.g. Jack Herer

    – A stylish and elegant gold-polished pen that invites sampling. A hit with the ladies. Also causes a certain hesitation to throw it away.
    – Discreet and Portable. It has a slim design that fits anywhere.It’s solidly built and can take some punishment.
    – Hard-hitting highs that will surprise even veteran smokers. Cherry Pie (cross of indica Grandaddy Purple and sativa Durban Poison) hits like a truck. Recommend this strain if you’re looking to get better quality sleep.

  4. Tricosis (verified owner)

    Battery lasts even when cart is done

  5. alexbv (verified owner)

    I’ve personally tried these London Donovan disposable pens, as well as the cartridges for the reuseable pens. I definitely prefer the cartridges more than the disposable ones as they are easier to get a solid pull from. Whenever they are sold out though I don’t mind getting these disposables. Good alternative if it’s the only option but not my go-to.

    I have not tried any other brands yet but I feel like you might get better value elsewhere. Thankfully CK stocks other brands now and will be giving them a try.

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