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14 reviews for Munched Edibles Gummies 80mg

  1. darkscream (verified owner)

    Had one pack included as a welcome sample, they did not disappoint. Compared to similar products they tasted more like real candy, and eating 2x (40mg) felt stronger than 4x 10mg doses of another brand. Worth a try!

  2. Gphalen (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this a few times, the high is good the taste is good.

  3. Mbb54 (verified owner)

    Not much of an edible fan..more of a smoker, but got these in the welcome promo, ate 2 gummies, and about 45 mins later buzz kicked in, lasted quite a while! I’d Definitely buy them again!

  4. Shanshan123 (verified owner)

    First gummies I’ve tried and they tasted pretty good. Started out with half of one and didn’t feel anything but got high with a whole one. Would def buy again.

  5. Tricosis (verified owner)

    First bite led me to eating the entire package… Good product!

  6. Keisha Allen (verified owner)

    Just purchased them again after the welcome pack freebee, was pleasantly surprised about how stoned I was

  7. seba (verified owner)

    They are excellent despite the small dose!

  8. Kathzilla (verified owner)

    I Loved those ; four small gummies 🐻🐻🐻🐻 , they don’t taste strong like other edible I have tried. I would have never guessed. They really do taste like candy😋🍭🍬 ( just a tiny bit more mushy )

    I liked there’s a zipper so you don’t have to eat the whole package and still keep them fresh. 👍👌 I ended up eating two and I had a very good buzz that lasted a while.🤪

    Perfect to give as a gift 👍❤

  9. Chipmagnet (verified owner)

    They are a great buy for the buck made me feel Nice for hours

  10. Domenic21 (verified owner)

    Really pack a punch. Half of one is good enough for a lasting buzz

  11. Andrea Culp (verified owner)

    They tasted amazing. Will certainly be buying more

  12. alexbv (verified owner)

    Was very pleasantly surprised at how strong these were–my new favourite.

    The Purple Krown Giant Sour Gummy Bears used to be my go-to edible as I had positive experiences the first few times, but after having purchased over 10 of them during the last few months, I have noticed that the quality control is not very consistent. Some packs were even complete duds. I normally consume about 20 – 40 mg worth of edibles at a time, but on two occasions an entire bear (which was 100mg apparently) did nothing.

    Conversely, though I’ve only purchased four packs of these so far, I’ve been having a great time with just 1 – 1.5 bears of the Munched. Highly recommend.

  13. Logan (verified owner)

    I was enthused to see a vegan product, and more so to test it out. I found the texture to be less than enjoyable (sticky and chewy), and the candy was embittered by the thc infusion. The effect was good, but overall I wasn’t so convinced as some other reviewers seem.

  14. Lankeyonline (verified owner)

    A bit too sticky. But taste was good and they carry a nice mellow buzz

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